28 авг. 2011 г.


Artists: Long Road To School
Release: Summer Breeze

Label: 45RPM-Records
Catalog: [45rpm051 – 2011]
Country: Indonesia
Keywords: Easy Listening, Electro Chill, Melodic Electronic, Instrumental
Total time: 22:29
Format: MP3, 320 kbps 44Hz
Size: 44 mb
Release date: 2011-08-28
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1. Good Morning Summer! (5:21)
2. Summer Time (4:37)
3. Love Your Smile (3:57)
4. Sad To Be Happy (4:31)
5. Fading Winter Night (4:03)


Stage Name: Long Road To School (L.R.T.S.)
Genre: Instrument Downtempo Electro Classic
Member: Tri Luhung Nuraga Komara (Luhung)
Nation: Indonesia
Hometown: Subang, Indonesia
Current City: Bandung, Indonesia
Email: longroadtoschool@hotmail.com
Contact Person: +6281802227715/+6285720382050 (Luhung)

LRTS (Long Road To School) is come from Indonesia, it was formed in mid 2010. however, when formed, LRTS has had several songs. So in other words, LRTS had existed prior to that, but more serious in mid-year 2010. LRTS membered only 1 person,Luhung. Why want to call a band? because if you mention the name of his personnel only, it looks like a solo singer =). LRTS brings the kind of music instruments, with electric downtempo classical music genre. In fact, it is very long story if i telling here. this is only a long short story.

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Copyright [c] 2011, Released a Creative Commons License For Free Non-Commercial Use As Long As Certain Condition Are met

Personal Copyright:
2011 [c] Music created and arrangement by Tri Luhung Nuraga Komara (aka Long Road To School)
2011 [c] Publisher and distributor by 45 Echoes / 45RPM-Records

15 авг. 2011 г.


Artist: [mikra]
Release: Deep Limits

Country: Belarus
Label: 45 Echoes Sounds
Catalog: [45E-003-2011]
Keywords: Ambient, Film Music, LP
Format: FLAC, MP3 (320 kbps)
Total time: 57:01
Size full album (FLAC): 242 mb
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1. Cass. (4:02)
2. Iroch. (2:25)
3. Real. (4:05)
4. Scope. (2:47)
5. Way. (5:03)
6. Nedo. (4:36)
7. Gok. (5:54)
8. Fraed. (5:57)
9. Resk. (2:07)
10. Noele. (2:32)
11. Astros. (8:02)
12. Dahra. (2:40)
13. 13. (1:01)
14. 14 (5:50)

Artist Info:
My name is Paul. Was born in Minsk (Belarus) on May, 2 1976. Has organized in 2002 the solo project "Organism", with use of synthesizers and a computer. Year began to work above other solo project - "mikra" later. It more experimental. Sometimes I act on local radio stations, sometimes in clubs. Own music one ten hours has collected not. My works for the present were not issued anywhere.

13 авг. 2011 г.

From 45RPM-Records To 45 Echoes Sounds

45 ECHOES SOUNDS – новая концепция лэйбла, известного ранее под именем 45RPM-RECORDS. Новый формат потребовал и смены вывески. Главным объектом интереса сетевого лэйбла 45 ECHOES SOUNDS, входящего в издательскую группу WHITE ART STUDIO / ECHOES SOUNDS, является AMBIENT во всем его многообразии, кроме Noise sound.
Альбомы и EP 45 Echoes Sounds публикуются только в высоком качестве: mp3 320 kbps и FLAC.
Но в сфере интересов лэйбла по-прежнему остается чиллинг музыка (конкретнее - chillout, jazz, lounge, downtempo, Chill- and Ambient-House), которая и выходит под прежней вывеской - в серии 45RPM-Records.
ВНИМАНИЕ! В серии 45RPM-Records публикуются только синглы и EP до 25-30 минут!
Вся музыка реализуется по лицензии Creative Commons Licences.
Если Вы считаете, что Ваша музыка подходит для нашего лэйбла, пожалуйста, пришлите ссылку на готовый материал. ВНИМАНИЕ! Мы рассматриваем только полностью готовый материал (альбом, сингл или EP): mp3 320 kbps с прописанными тэгами, короткое текст-инфо, лицевая и задняя обложки 1600х1600 точек!
Мы рассматриваем ТОЛЬКО готовый материал и ТОЛЬКО новый. Переизданиями 45 Echoes Sounds не занимается.
Демо присылать на адрес: lautpoesie [гав] yandex [тчк] ru


45 ECHOES SOUNDS – the new concept of the label known earlier under a name 45RPM-RECORDS. The new format has demanded also signboard change. The main object of interest of a network label 45 ECHOES SOUNDS, entering into publishing group WHITE ART STUDIO / ECHOES SOUNDS, is AMBIENT in all its variety, except Noise sound.
Albums and EP 45 Echoes Sounds are published only in high quality: mp3 320 kbps and FLAC.

But in sphere of interests of a label still there is chilling music (more particularly - chillout, jazz, lounge, downtempo, Chill- and Ambient-House) which leaves under a former signboard - in a series 45RPM-Records.
ATTENTION! Singles are published in a series 45RPM-Records and EP till 25-30 minutes only!
All music is realized under license Creative Commons Licences.
If you consider that your music approaches for our label, please, send the reference to a ready material.
ATTENTION! We consider only completely a ready material (an album, a single or EP): mp3 320 kbps with the registered tags, short the text-info, front and back covers 1600х1600 points!
We consider ONLY a ready material and ONLY the new.

Demo to send on the address: lautpoesie yandex ru