Catalog: 45rpm024
Release date: 2009-12-19
Style: Chill House, Lounge
37:55 min | 320 kbps mp3 | 87mb

Nameless Dancers is the release that will give us hope for the 2010. warm n dreamy, sexy n sensual, melodic n melanchonic – excellent production for excellent relaxed moments. CC rocks again. [DeepGoa]

Debut EP the young dancing project from Moscow – NAMELESS DANCERS. Easy, air, romantic music Chill House in which in equal proportions melody and romanticism chillout/lounge with softness house beats, mysteriousness deep house and atmosferic Ambient are mixed. Five tracks debut EP are strengthened by two remixes on the most romantic composition of an album “Dream For You” – dynamical Tech-House remix from Sascha Muller and sad Ambient remix from EugeneKha.

REVIEW FROM DAVID McFADYEN / Far From Moscow. 2010-01-13


1. Cloudy Coffee (4:24)[10mb]
2. Dream For You (5:53)[13mb]
3. The Moon In Palms (6:08)[14mb]
4. White Night (5:02)[12mb]
5. Silent Sky (Ambient Mix) (4:38)[11mb]
6. Dream For You (Sascha Muller Emotional Remix) (7:24)[17mb]
7. Dream For You (EugeneKha Ambient Remix) (4:26)[10mb]

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Podcast Of Release:
Nameless Dancers - Cloudy Coffee (EP) Podcast of release (192kbps) by 45RPM-Records


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