Сообщения за апрель, 2011

[45E-001-2011 / 45rpm048]

Artists: SLOPE STAR feat AMBELION Release: INTELLECTUAL ABSTRACTION OF ELECTRICITY Label: 45 Echoes Sounds Catalog: [45E-001-2011] Country: Ukraine Keywords: Ambient, Electronic Total time: 56:45 Digital quality: MP3, 320 kbps 44Hz Release date: 02 April 2011 Note: This tracks records in livetime on Roland V-Synth XT, 1999 - 2003. All tracks composed by Bogdan R. (aka Slope Star) Compiled by Alexander K (aka Ambelion) Artwork by Alexander K. Track-listing: 1. Tech-Slot (1:00) 2. Passion for Sound (4:39) 3. Change from the past (6:17) 4. Secluded outer space (6:08) 5. Frostbite Case (3:38) 6. Creative substraction (5:42) 7. Vibration near the portal (3:50) 8. In a sunny garden (2:45) 9. Watering and water (1:48) 10. Wet patterns (4:01) 11. Melody plants (2:52) 12. Unique environment (4:35) 13. The abundance of thoughts (3:40) 14. Soil horizon (5:50) STREAM RELEASE (Stream Or Download) Album booklet (PDF)

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Abyss (D.Charly) (Russia) AHTICTAP (Ukraine) Alex D (Scotland) Alexey Karpov (Russia) Alexander Kibanov (Russia) Ambelion (Ukraine) Buben (Belarus) Charmant Juliette (Russia) Derex (Russia) Die Stille (Germany) DI EVANTILE (Kazakhstan) DJ Deem (Russia) Dj If (Russia/Bulgaria) EugeneKha (Russia) eVADE (Germany) Graffiti Mechanism (USA) Kai Nobuko (Holland / UK / Thailand) Long Road To School (Indonesia) Microbit Project (Russia) Nameless Dancers (Russia) Nasta Labada (Belarus) Norihito Kodama (Japan) N.R.Y.Y. (Japan) Organism (Belarus) Ollie Cram (Ireland / UK) Polux (France) Sascha Muller (Germany) Slope Star (Ukraine) Sunny June (Russia) Tatsu (Japan) Toxic Chicken (Holland / UK / Thailand) Yoko Absorbing (Russia)